Afghan Education Foundation (AEF)



We simply began with a printing press that was made operational
to enable AEF to create copy and distribute books and other
printed material to area schools free of charge.  In the summer
of 2001 the Kandahar Center had its grand opening, and during
the course of the year over 15,000 books (from 7th to 9th grade)
were printed and distributed to local schools.  AEF also published Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint books in the Pashto


In 2005, AEF started translating and publishing books in Pashto.
This important step would not be possible without the help of
our editing and translation team. Our sincere thanks to:


Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Zaheer

Mr. Mohammad Nasim Salimi

Mr. Naseer Honar Pashtoon

Dr. Mohammad Rafiq Zaheer

Dr. Sultan Barai

Dr. Jamil Basal

Mr. Najibullah Sharifi

Mr. Rahmatullah Sharifi

Few Sample Book Covers